Kona Ba PNTL Halo Arbiru ho Kilat.

Foin daduak Deputado David Ximenes koalia makas kona ba PNTL ho sira nia aktividade arbiru deit no kilat. Intervista husi TEMPO SEMANAL.


International Crisis Group – 180 Handing Back Responsibility to PNTL

International Crisis Group – 180 Handing Back Responsibility to Timor-Leste’s P.

Planu ho Orsamento Geral 2010 ba MDS, FALINTIL, ho PNTL.

2010 Security Plans

2010 Defence Plans

Dokumentu ida ne’e Matrix Prioridade Nasional ba Ministeriu Defeze ho Seguranza, FALINTL-FDTL ho PNTL.

2010 Draft National Priorities Matrix.pdf

Dokumentu ida ne’e “factsheet” kona ba orsamento geral proposta ba Ministeriu Defeze ho Seguranza, FALINTL-FDTL ho PNTL.

2010 Budget Defence & Security.pdf

Disculpa sira halo dokumentu sira iha lian Ingles deit.

Planu hahalok PNTL/Action Plans PNTL – 6 Distritu/Districts

UNPOL no PNTL sira fo relatoriu ida ne’e (iha kraik) ba doadores sira iha fulan Julho 2009 bainhira sira halo desizaun atu hahu prosesu atu fo fali distritu ba PNTL husi UNPOL. Relatoriu ida ne’e rezumu UNMIT/
G-RDTL Joint Field Assessment Team (JFAT). Sira fo informazaun barak kona ba problemas administrativu, logistiku, no profisional iha PNTL laran. Iha Ingles deit.

UNPOL and PNTL gave these reports (below) to the donors in July 2009 when they made the decision to to start giving districts back to PNTL from UNPOL. These reports are summaries of the UNMIT/G-RDTL Joint Field Assessment Team (JFAT). They provide alot of information about administrative, logistical and professional problems inside PNTL. In English only.

Planu hahalok ba Distritu Aileu/Action Plan for Aileu District

Action Plan for Aileu (Eng).pdf

Planu hahalok ba Distritu Ainaro/Plan for Ainaro District

Action Plan for Ainaro (Eng).pdf

Planu hahalok ba Distritu Lautem/Plan for Lautem District

Action Plan for Lautem (English).pdf

Planu hahalok ba Distritu Manatuto Plan for Manatuto District

Action Plan for Manatuto (Eng).pdf

Planu hahalok ba Distritu Manufahi/Plan for Manufahi District

Action Plan for Manufahi (Eng).pdf

Planu hahalok ba Distritu Oecusse/Plan for Oecusse District

Action Plan for Oecusse (Eng).pdf

Rezumu ba Distritu hotu/Summary all Districts

Action-Plans for Districts.doc

MAHEIN NIA LIAN No. 4, 22 Oktober 2009. “Perbatasan dan Keamanan Nasional di Timor-Leste”.

Fundasuan Mahein hakarak atu fo hatene katak ami nia “Mahein Nia Lian” No 4 “Perbatasan dan Keamanan Nasional di Timor-Leste” sei pronto ona.

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The UN and SSR in Timor-Leste September 2009 University of York MA

The United Nations and Security Sector
Reform: Lessons from the Field
Michael Gillespie
Master of Arts Post War Recovery Studies
University of York
Post War Reconstruction and Development Unit
September 2009


Security Sector Reform has the potential to enable the emergence of a sustainable peace and move a post conflict state into long term development, the UN has a unique position in post conflict environments but has yet to formulate a comprehensive approach to SSR. This paper seeks to analyse the security sector reform activities that the current UN peacekeeping mission in Timor-Leste is engaging in with a view to making recommendations for the future development of a comprehensive UN approach to SSR. The paper explores the debate around SSR as well as tracing the UN’s previous engagements with the security sector. This will provide the context to use Timor-Leste as a case study in order to assess the strengths and weaknesses of the UN’s role in SSR there. It will be argued that the UN mission has been constrained by a lack of prioritisation of SSR, a poor understanding of SSR theory within the UN family and mission leadership as well as the legacy of the UN’s past mistakes. It is clear that these mistakes have the potential to be repeated in future missions and so it is vital that the lessons from the mission be learned and changes put into effect.

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UN and SSR Lessons from the Field, Timor-Leste.pdf

Joint Command: The Exception Becomes the Norm

The exception becomes the norm in Timor-Leste: the draft national security laws and the continuing role of the Joint Command
Bu V.E. Wilson,
September 2009

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