The UN and SSR in Timor-Leste September 2009 University of York MA

The United Nations and Security Sector
Reform: Lessons from the Field
Michael Gillespie
Master of Arts Post War Recovery Studies
University of York
Post War Reconstruction and Development Unit
September 2009


Security Sector Reform has the potential to enable the emergence of a sustainable peace and move a post conflict state into long term development, the UN has a unique position in post conflict environments but has yet to formulate a comprehensive approach to SSR. This paper seeks to analyse the security sector reform activities that the current UN peacekeeping mission in Timor-Leste is engaging in with a view to making recommendations for the future development of a comprehensive UN approach to SSR. The paper explores the debate around SSR as well as tracing the UN’s previous engagements with the security sector. This will provide the context to use Timor-Leste as a case study in order to assess the strengths and weaknesses of the UN’s role in SSR there. It will be argued that the UN mission has been constrained by a lack of prioritisation of SSR, a poor understanding of SSR theory within the UN family and mission leadership as well as the legacy of the UN’s past mistakes. It is clear that these mistakes have the potential to be repeated in future missions and so it is vital that the lessons from the mission be learned and changes put into effect.

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Aranju kona-ba restaurasaun no manutensaun seguransa públika iha Timor-Leste no kona-ba asisté nsia ba reforma, re-estruturasaun no rekonstrusaun Polisia Nasionál Timor-Leste nian (PNTL) -Supplemental arrangement – PT and Tetum versions

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SPA – TE.pdf

PNTL asumi hikas responsabilidade sira polisiamentu nian ne’ebé prinsipál iha Oecussi

PNTL resumes primary policing responsibilities in Oecussi

30 June 2009, Dili

– Prime Minister Kay Rala Xanana Gusmão and Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations (SRSG) for East Timor Atul Khare presided today over the ceremony marking the resumption of primary responsibilities for the conduct of police operations by Polícia Nacional de Timor-Leste(PNTL) in the District of Oecussi.

The process started on 14 May when PNTL resumed primary policing responsibility in the district of Lautem. Today represents a second step in this process which is the result of a rigorous assessments conducted by joint teams composed of representatives of the Government of East Timor and UNMIT, including PNTL and UNPOL. Agreement was also reached that the third step would be taken in Manatuto in the near future.

The Government of East-Timor and UNMIT are implementing the resumption process in a gradual manner based on joint assessments and on the preparedness of PNTL in each district and unit, in accordance with mutually agreed criteria. The UN Police will maintain their presence in the districts where the PNTL have resumed responsibilities, in order to support, provide advice and to monitor the PNTL, including in the area of human rights protection.

The District of Oecussi is an 800 square kilometer costal enclave in the western half of the Timor Island. The District is separated from the rest of the country by Indonesian territory.

For further information please contact Gyorgy Kakuk UNMIT Spokesperson +670 7230749 or Ivo Dos Santos, +670 7311782 


PNTL asumi hikas responsabilidade sira polisiamentu nian ne’ebé prinsipál iha Oecussi

30 Junu 2009, Dili

– Primeiru Ministru Kay Rala Xanana Gusmão no Reprezentante Espesiál Sekretáriu-Jerál Nasoins Unidas nian (RESJ) ba Timor-Leste, Atul Khare prezide ohin seremónia ne’ebé marka retomada responsabilidade sira prinsipál atu hala’o operasaun sira polísia nian hosi Polícia Nacional de Timor-Leste (PNTL) iha Distritu Oecussi.

Prosesu ne’e hahú iha loron 14, fulan-Maiu bainhira PNTL asumi hikas fali responsabilidade polisiamentu nian iha distritu Lautém. Ohin reprezenta pasu daruak iha prosesu ida-ne’e, ne’ebé sai nu’udar rezultadu hosi avaliasaun ida-ne’ebé rigorozu, ne’ebé hala’o hosi ekipa konjunta sira, maka kompostu hosi reprezentante sira Governu Timor-Leste nian no UNMIT, inklui PNTL no UNPOL. Akordu mós hetan katak pasu datoluk sei hala’o iha Manatuto iha futuru besik mai.

Governu Timor-Leste no UNMIT implementa hela daudaun prosesu retomada iha maneira graduál ida, ne’ebé bazeia ba iha avaliasaun konjunta sira no ba iha prontidaun PNTL nian iha kada distritu no unidade, tuir kritéria ne’ebé konkorda mutualmente. Polísia ONU nian sei maintein sira-nia prezensa iha distritu sira ne’ebé PNTL asumi hikas tiha ona responsabilidade sira, hodi apoia, fornese konsellu no atu monitoriza PNTL, inklui iha área protesaun direitus umanus nian.

Distritu Oecussi ne’e nu’udar enklave kosta nian ida ho kilómetru kuadradu 800 iha parte loro-monu Illa Timór nian. Distritu ne’e haketak ho parte seluk Timor-Leste nian hosi territóriu Indonézia.

Ba informasaun liu tan bele kontatu ba Gyorgy Kakuk portavoz UNMIT nian +670 7230749 ou Ivo dos Santos, +670 7311782